Areas of Expertise

The Garden Vistas team takes pride in creating residential and commercial landscapes that impress customers of various sizes, needs and values. Often times a customer knows what they want, but they find it difficult to translate their ideas into a tangible concept. With more than 15 years of landscaping experience in the upstate, our professionals work with customers to help realize their visions.

Commercial Lawn Care

Hiring a professional commercial landscape team is crucial to creating an inviting space that addresses both your practical and aesthetic needs for your commercial landscape. Call us today to discuss your commercial lawn care project

Commercial lawn care services

One of the keys to having a successful business is keeping your commercial property looking great. A beautiful landscape design that is well maintained will make a lasting impression on your customers. The team at Garden Vistas is trained and equipped to handle even the largest commercial landscaping projects. Our professional commercial landscaping services can help your business stand out from the competition.

Residential Lawn Care

Contact us today for quality landscape installation results, and see what a difference the proper installation and implementation of various plants, flowers, shrubs and trees can do for your lawn.

Residential lawn care contractors

Landscaping is used for several different reasons; from making a home or building look and feel incorporated with its surroundings, helping to accentuate architectural details or themes, or disguising flaws on and around your property. At Garden Vistas, our professional team can plan and design a landscape that will increase the aesthetic quality of your property.


If you are presently experiencing difficulties with an existing irrigation system or maybe you have recently started or finished a new landscape project that requires additions to your present irrigation system, we can certainly provide these solutions.


Proper irrigation is arguably the single best investment a homeowner will make for a new or existing landscape. Eliminate all manual watering, hose dragging and concerns over how much water distribution is necessary. When installing or upgrading an irrigation system we build your irrigation by separating zones based on a landscapes needs and automate the process.